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I returned to Peoria on the 8th of January and have been slacking ever since.  (Well… only sort-of slacking.  I’ve worked double my time in a pay period so far at the seamstress position.)  I have been living at my boyfriend’s apartment and we’ve just been having a grand old time.  It would have been […]

For Argumentative Writing, our class was forced to play Second Life.  Had this requirement been listed on the class listing, I would not have taken this class.  I was familiar with the game through general geekdom and I knew I wanted nothing to do with it.  It’s for furries and pedophiles.  The fact that my […]

Before Carson and I got ahold of Psychology Club, it was dismal.  We maybe got one email a semester from them and there were no events.  This is our second year of running it and now we have events every Wednesday, meetings every Monday, and have won awards!  We’re now a Model Psi Chi chapter.  […]

No Time Now


I have no time for feelings of inadequacy now. I have been working on a program with Dr. M and Dr. K (the teacher from the previous post, unfortunately) that tests reaction time for a Stroop-like task in preschoolers.  Dr. M sent in the grant proposal and got back his critique recently.  The main critique […]

Specifically, I need “Go, Ashley, go!  Rah-rah-rah” fans.  I have two, thankfully, but I could use some more. My confidence in myself has been shaken since last Friday (October 30).  My favorite teacher, my idol, threw a fit in class, because our class was not doing as well on our papers as he thought we […]