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I received an email today from the people who run the Student Scholarship Expo at my university.  They want my research highlighted–featured!–in the abstract book.  I submit a blurb about my research, along with my abstract, and they take lots of photos of me for some reason. They also sent that same email to my […]



I’ve been in full-blown panic mode for about two months now.  I have frequent stomach- and head-aches.  I can’t sleep well.  Thinking of leaving the house makes my head pound and my stomach turn.  I cry for no reason.  I act irritably towards almost everyone.  It feels like I have all but shut down completely… […]

My father visited this weekend and it was a generally nice visit.  I replaced some badly needed items and am happily sitting in a new pair of jeans as we speak.  Dad spent most of the weekend telling me that he was proud of me for varying my foods, for being an adult and making […]

Sushi Time!


I don’t really like sushi, so I pouted a bit when Jon said we’d been invited out with our friends to a sushi restaurant.  At seeing the pout, he promised that if I didn’t find anything to eat, he would buy me McDonalds or Taco Bell after–I am so spoiled. We met our friends at […]

For all the romantic partners I’ve had over the years, I’ve never had a “proper” Valentines Day.  (Parents acknowledging the holiday and those classroom parties where you exchange cards doesn’t count towards the definition of “proper”.)  Even if I’ve had a partner on that day, it’s never really been celebrated. This year, I wanted it […]

I got my first rejection letter from a graduate program a short while ago.  I got over that rejection letter pretty quick, after an initial fit:  Jon offered me cookies.  I screamed that I didn’t deserve cookies. Now, I’m just nervous for the rest of my schools.  I’m treating the silence as good news; I […]

I returned to Peoria on the 8th of January and have been slacking ever since.  (Well… only sort-of slacking.  I’ve worked double my time in a pay period so far at the seamstress position.)  I have been living at my boyfriend’s apartment and we’ve just been having a grand old time.  It would have been […]

Goodbye 2009


I’m not particularly heartbroken that the year is ending, as 2009 was something of a clusterfuck in as many ways as possible.  I’m not saying that this was the worst possible year ever, because lots of amazing things happened to me this year, but I am so beyond exhausted from everything. Relationships At the end […]

When I grow up, I want to be just like Charles Ofdensen.  Ofdensen is a master fencer, master lawyer, and master babysitter to the most metal band in the world, Dethklok.  Because someone this awesome is hard to come by in real life, it makes sense that he’s a character on the Adult Swim show, […]



We said I love you.