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I have the hardest time not biting my nails.  I tend to be an idle biter–rather than a nervous one.  If I don’t have enough to do with my hands, I bite my nails.  If I’m bored, it’s especially bad… even if I do have things to do with my hands.  I feel bad about […]

Julian Rotter presented the idea of the Locus of Control in his personality theory.  There are several types of Loci, but the two main types are internal or external.  External can be things like society or supernatural, if you’re so inclined:  You didn’t go to class because it was raining.  Internal is your own personal […]

I have variants on reoccuring nightmares.  The same thing happens, but the setting is always different.  One of the more lucid ones took place on an underwater university that sort of looked like Sealab.  The most recent one took place on a floating world that looked like something out of a Mario game.  In each […]

No Time Now


I have no time for feelings of inadequacy now. I have been working on a program with Dr. M and Dr. K (the teacher from the previous post, unfortunately) that tests reaction time for a Stroop-like task in preschoolers.  Dr. M sent in the grant proposal and got back his critique recently.  The main critique […]

Specifically, I need “Go, Ashley, go!  Rah-rah-rah” fans.  I have two, thankfully, but I could use some more. My confidence in myself has been shaken since last Friday (October 30).  My favorite teacher, my idol, threw a fit in class, because our class was not doing as well on our papers as he thought we […]

I don’t get nicknames easily.  Everyone tends to just shorten or cute-ify my name in some way–I’ve been Ash, Ashy,  and Ashums at various points of my life.  However, I never really get nicknames other than those.  I begged my teacher in eighth grade to give me a nickname.  After stalling for a year, he […]