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I received an email today from the people who run the Student Scholarship Expo at my university.  They want my research highlighted–featured!–in the abstract book.  I submit a blurb about my research, along with my abstract, and they take lots of photos of me for some reason. They also sent that same email to my […]



I’ve been in full-blown panic mode for about two months now.  I have frequent stomach- and head-aches.  I can’t sleep well.  Thinking of leaving the house makes my head pound and my stomach turn.  I cry for no reason.  I act irritably towards almost everyone.  It feels like I have all but shut down completely… […]

My father visited this weekend and it was a generally nice visit.  I replaced some badly needed items and am happily sitting in a new pair of jeans as we speak.  Dad spent most of the weekend telling me that he was proud of me for varying my foods, for being an adult and making […]