I’ve Never Had a “Proper” Valentines Day


For all the romantic partners I’ve had over the years, I’ve never had a “proper” Valentines Day.  (Parents acknowledging the holiday and those classroom parties where you exchange cards doesn’t count towards the definition of “proper”.)  Even if I’ve had a partner on that day, it’s never really been celebrated.

This year, I wanted it to be different.  I asked Jon if we were going to celebrate Valentines Day.  He was ambivalent, so I asked if we could.  After some talk, he agreed… as long as it wasn’t super expensive or fancy or anything like that.  He surprised me with the idea of going to the newly-opened Indian restaurant down the street.  I haven’t had Indian food in forever, so, of course, that was absolutely wonderful to hear!

Last night, Jon’s car broke down.  We left it in the parking lot at one of the best Chinese places in town and went home for the night.  Even if we didn’t need the car to get to our Valentines Day plans, it was still distressing that the car was broken down.  This afternoon, we got a friend to take us back.  After an hour or so, a trip to Walmart, and a box of chocolates (for me!), the car started!  It was fixed!  Yay!

We drove it back to the apartment and all piled into our friend’s car to go to Taco Bell.  We had delicious food and awesome conversation there and then went home.  Since then, there has been video games and TV and lots of fun.  I’m going to pick up the take-out from the Indian restaurant… because Jon has a surprise in store for me.

This has been the best “proper” Valentines Day ever.


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