Owning Up To Your Mistakes


Julian Rotter presented the idea of the Locus of Control in his personality theory.  There are several types of Loci, but the two main types are internal or external.  External can be things like society or supernatural, if you’re so inclined:  You didn’t go to class because it was raining.  Internal is your own personal reasons for events:  You go to class because you enjoy the lecture and you enjoy learning.

Dr. K used me as an example in class:

So, Ashley didn’t show up for class on Monday.  Ashley always shows up to class, so I was actually worried about her.  She showed up at Psi Chi that night and told me, “I’m sorry, I overslept.”  …I like that!  She owned up to her mistake!

I was pretty sure he was going to rag on me the entire time for not showing up.  It took an interesting turn:  He was proud of me for simply owning up to my mistake.

I do my best to own up to my mistakes and behaviors, though I have lapses like everything else.  It’s a joy to work with someone who was willing to share success and take some of the blame–instead of working that silly blame-game down whatever chain is available.


One Response to “Owning Up To Your Mistakes”

  1. 1 Ryan

    Your professors seem so interesting and cool

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