Geekiest Nightmares


I have variants on reoccuring nightmares.  The same thing happens, but the setting is always different.  One of the more lucid ones took place on an underwater university that sort of looked like Sealab.  The most recent one took place on a floating world that looked like something out of a Mario game.  In each one, I’m walking around and holding my schedule.  As I’m reading it over, I realize that I’ve been missing going to one class for the entire semester.  As that dread settles in, I realize that I’m also missing something else… but I can’t place what is missing.

After spending ages in another part of the university, I then realize that I’m missing my favorite class–either with Dr. S or Dr. K.  I spend the rest of the dream racing to the class and hoping that I didn’t miss anything.  If I’m particularly lucky, I spend that time completely and hopelessly lost and wake up with the feeling that I just missed class.


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