A Rousing Success


Before Carson and I got ahold of Psychology Club, it was dismal.  We maybe got one email a semester from them and there were no events.  This is our second year of running it and now we have events every Wednesday, meetings every Monday, and have won awards!  We’re now a Model Psi Chi chapter.  We’re hoping to be number one next time.  One of the best indicators of our success is the success of our event from this past Wednesday.

With funds from the university, we hosted James Painter, a food psychologist from Eastern Illinois University.  His big shtick is portion sizes.  He even made a documentary called Portion Size Me.

The premise was that he would dictate the correct portion sizes for two of his grad students, consisting of only fast food.  The two students lost weight!

Dr. Painter is a stunning lecturer.  He’s amiable and hilarious.  He tells the most amusing anecdotes and is so damn energetic.  I would recommend him to anyone.

We had been expecting only 100 people to show up.  200 people showed up!  We had the exact right amount of food.  We sold a couple t-shirts.  And we gathered at least five boxes of canned goods for the local food bank.  It was so beyond successful.  I’m still exhausted from the sheer amount of awesomeness from that night.

Edit:  The amount of food we donated to the food bank was 156 lbs!  The woman who runs the food bank was beyond ecstatic.


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