No Time Now


I have no time for feelings of inadequacy now.

I have been working on a program with Dr. M and Dr. K (the teacher from the previous post, unfortunately) that tests reaction time for a Stroop-like task in preschoolers.  Dr. M sent in the grant proposal and got back his critique recently.  The main critique was that the board would like evidence that a computerized version would work with preschoolers.

So, the grant pretty much entirely rests on my work on the program.

The real kicker is how much the grant is for.  My work is the key to a quarter of a million dollars grant.  That’s right–$250,000.  I couldn’t believe it either.

(Note:  I’m not going to be seeing any of the money, and neither are the professors, but it’s money towards supplies and all that.  I wish I could be seeing that money.)


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