They Call Me Squeaky Toy


I don’t get nicknames easily.  Everyone tends to just shorten or cute-ify my name in some way–I’ve been Ash, Ashy,  and Ashums at various points of my life.  However, I never really get nicknames other than those.  I begged my teacher in eighth grade to give me a nickname.  After stalling for a year, he randomly decided that Z would be my nickname.

I got to college and still never received a nickname.  I hung out with a Baby Seal, a Anti-[one of two names here], and a Xeen, but I didn’t have a true nickname… until I started dating my current boyfriend, J.  When he would tickle me, I would squeak.  When he would poke me, I would squeak.  When he offended me in some way, I would squeak.  He decided that I sounded like a squeaky toy.  Despite how hard I initially fought the nickname, it stuck.  (Mostly because he would tease me with games until I changed my handle to Squeaky Toy.)  I have grown to embrace the name in all it’s silliness.

I started this blog as one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days goals.  I have been blogging and making websites on and off since sixth grade.  I’m 21 now and am going to be completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  I hope to attend grad school for Personality and Social Psychology in the next year.  This blog will (hopefully) chronicle my journey there and beyond.

In addition to psychology and making websites, I enjoy science of all sorts, criminology, reading, writing, movies, computers, sewing, knitting, and all sorts of other probably very geeky things.  I’m a jack of all trades (which is a trait I’m hoping will help me get through grad school) and I’m absolutely certain this blog will reflect that.

Over the next 1001 days, I’m sure you’ll get to know me very well.  I hope to get to know you all too.


4 Responses to “They Call Me Squeaky Toy”

  1. Hello, my name’s Ryan and I just randomly found this blog through the Latest Post sections at the bottom of the dashboard. I like how you write (which may sound awkward?) but I think it’d be nice to read your blog for the next 1001 days

  2. Hi Ryan. :) Thank you very much for the compliment. It’s also nice to have someone else on board for my experiment. I hope to see more of you!

  3. 3 Ryan

    Your welcome
    I haven’t been saying much lately, but my blog is

  4. It seems like you’ve been saying a lot. I’ll be sure to check it out.

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