101 Things

  1. Start a blog
  2. Post on that blog at least once a week
  3. Read 20 books for pleasure—no school work (2/20)
  4. Review each of the books
  5. Finish applying to grad schools by November 23, 2009
  6. Get into grad school
  7. Graduate from college with at least a 3.4 GPA
  8. Present my own research at a psychology conference
  9. Publish an article about my research
  10. Update my CV once a month
  11. Get an external harddrive dedicated to backups
  12. Back up my laptop monthly, after I get that harddrive
  13. Maintain the same laptop throughout the challenge failed
  14. Build my own gaming computer
  15. Starting in a new year, participate in the one self-portrait a day project (0/365)
  16. Start German lessons
  17. Attend the local Frank Warren PostSecret event
  18. Learn how to knit cables
  19. Knit a pair of socks
  20. Knit a sweater, shirt, or something similar
  21. Make a dress for graduation
  22. Buy a business suit
  23. Get my tongue pierced
  24. Get my nipples pierced
  25. Get my navel pierced
  26. Get a psychology-based tattoo (the greek letter?)
  27. Finish developing the psychology club website
  28. Learn how to make bras
  29. Open up an etsy store
  30. Learn how to make corsets
  31. Be with friends on New Years Eve
  32. Kiss someone on New Years Eve
  33. Learn to bellydance
  34. Attempt the new hula-hooping exercise fad
  35. Start a savings account
  36. After the New Year, save at least $20 from each paycheck
  37. Get the Implanon birth control (or another form of semi-permanent BC)
  38. Look into getting sterilized
  39. Get paid to write an article
  40. Design the squid tattoo
  41. Visit New York City
  42. Knit ten blankets for animal shelter charities (0/10)
  43. Run a Call of Cthulhu campaign
  44. Alter the tiger-striped formal dress so I can wear it again
  45. Get everything off of my old desktop computer
  46. Digitize all of my photography
  47. Get a credit card
  48. Do yoga every two weeks for three months
  49. Go paintballing
  50. Arrange a vacation to stay in the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast murder room
  51. Visit the Winchester Mansion
  52. Get my driver’s license
  53. Go on a police ride-along
  54. Learn to drive a motorcycle
  55. Get a vehicle (motorcycle or car)
  56. Visit Chernobyl
  57. Donate blood
  58. Donate plasma
  59. Stop biting my nails for good
  60. Get a manicure
  61. Lose 20 pounds, starting from 160
  62. Watch all of the seasons of Dexter
  63. Watch all of the seasons of Scrubs
  64. Perform the Ballad of Sigmund Freud at a psychology club event
  65. Donate my old cell phones
  66. Take classes to learn how to put on make up
  67. Go to Lollapalooza
  68. Learn how to make candy—it’ll assist in that retirement goal of opening a candy store
  69. Learn how to shoot a gun
  70. Get a new alarm clock to make waking up more pleasant
  71. Start a Mint account to keep track of finances
  72. Organize Jon’s computer
  73. Try Blogathon each year (0/3)
  74. Try NaNoWriMo at least once
  75. Eat a Vermonster ice cream sundae
  76. Start writing for Erik’s underground campus paper
  77. Work as a host for a sex toy party
  78. Volunteer at a suicide hotline
  79. Grow my hair out to ribcage length
  80. Buy an everyday dress for all seasons
  81. Buy a top hat
  82. Buy a choker necklace
  83. Learn to play guitar
  84. Start fencing again
  85. Visit the Mutter Museum
  86. Attend a flea market
  87. Finish the 50 Movies To Watch Before You Die list that Steve gave to me
  88. Complete my Linkedin profile
  89. Get professionally fitted for a bra once a year (0/3)
  90. Make each recipe in my Ultimate Chocolate Chip cookbook
  91. Buy a dollar lottery ticket one a week for three months (0/12)
  92. Post to SaucyApartments
  93. Get a massage
  94. Climb a tree
  95. Go skydiving
  96. Participate in a zombie walk
  97. Style my hair at least 15 times in one month (0/15)
  98. Get my passport
  99. When I fill up the change jar, cash it at the bank
  100. Sell off remaining books and DVDs by end of the school year and donate the remains to charity
  101. Make Skittles vodka

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